Workshops in four areas of specialisations : Clinical - Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Health and Wellness || Organisational - Management, Professional, Training, Consultancy || Individuals as persons: Individual, family, relationships, occupation, performance. || Educational - Problems and difficulties faced by educators, headmasters and principals.

Benefits of Transactional Analysis


~ Develops ability to map the structure of Personality Disorders and plan treatment strategy.

~ Focussing on cure through client empowerment.

~ Being OK and upholding clients Okayness.

~ By using TA contract and open communication, psychotherapists and counsellors learn to deal with difficult clients having Addictions and severe depression.

~ Protection , Permission and Potency in both counselling and psychotherapy help the clients to decide the specific goal and the steps to achieve the goal.

~ Decontamination, de confusion , crystallisation and illustration methods in TA help the counsellors and psychotherapists to achieve treatment goal effectively.

~ Helps to improve organisational dynamics which is concerned with interactions and forces in a social situation.

~ Helps to create healthy organizational climate and culture.

~ Helps to avoid gamy and non-productive behaviour in all levels in the organization.

~ Helps to enhance the ability of people to forecast, set goals and plan and prioritize the organizational.

~ Helps to create win-win environment despite differences.

~ Provides effective technique to motivate employees, increase productivity and improve employee relations.

~ Helps to figure out what's going on with the thinking, feeling and behaviour level in the classroom and choose to respond rather than react.

~ Helps the teachers use their knowledge of TA to keep children and parents satisfied and create healthy climate in the educational institutions.

~ The understanding of the TA stroke theory makes the teachers to deal with weak and diffident children to grow and develop their self esteem.

~ Helps the teachers to understand their script and avoid their scripty behavious which adversely affect the development of children.

~ Helps the teachers to avoid psychological games played out in the classroom to create healthy class room environment.

~ Transactional Analysis brings greater awareness among the teachers and students to use options and permissions in day to day activities.

~ Learn to implement activities that satisfy the natural needs of children, adolescents, and grownups as they come to the fore.

~ Helpful for parents in attaining freedom from internal confusion, indecision and struggle.

~ Gives knowledge on how to enhance the bonding between spouses and become model to their off springs.

~ To gain freedom from internal confusion, indecision and struggle.

~ Learn to put life on successful path despite challenges and hurdles.

~ To know the changing pattern of child behaviour and enhance capacity for self esteem and responsibility.

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Pre-Conference (15-16 Nov); Conference (17-19 Nov);Pre-Conference and Conference (15-19 Nov)

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What does TA offer

TA is a theory that gets people to perform their lives successfully and in rewarding manner.

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H.K Institute of Management Studies Relief Road (Andheri Lokhandwala Extension)

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The Conference will be Inaugurated by Dr. Pearl Drego, a recipient of Eric Berne Memorial Award
on 17th November 2017 at 9am.

This conference will provide an opportunity to explore your inner self and the dynamics in relationships and will help you to integrate your personal and professional life. Click here to read ICTA President's Message

About TA

What Is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a school of social psychology developed by Eric Berne in the 1950s. Transactional Analysis reveals how our personality is structured psychologically.

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