About NCTA Conference 2017

NCTA 2017

NCTA stands for National Conference on Transactional Analysis. It is being held under the aegis of the Institute of Counselling and Transactional Analysis, Kochi, Kerala. The conference is being conducted in Mumbai by the Pune - Mumbai Group of ICTA Practitioners and BTA Trainees supported by ICTA members in Pune and Mumbai. We at ICTA are proud and privileged to be enjoying this opportunity to have the conference in Mumbai, the business and commercial capital of India.

NCTAs are annual events. It is being held in Mumbai for the second time. The last time it was held here in 2010. NCTAs offer an opportunity for TA professionals from across India and abroad to connect with each other annually. It also offers them an opportunity to update their knowledge and skills. NCTA also offers trainees an opportunity to meet TA experts from different regions of India and get to have new insights about its application in various fields. Participants who are new to TA get an opportunity to do a two day 'Certified Foundation Course' to know the 'Basics of TA Theory'. It affords them the opportunity to sign in with trainers to take forward their eagerness to train in Transactional Analysis in the times to come. They also get to attend some of the 'feature sessions' conducted by TA Experts and Specialist Faculty to present Applications in TA.

Theme of NCTA 2017

We all have the ability to grow and change to become better in any area of our lives. Potential is always within us whether we are in corporate, education, counselling or working as a psychotherapist. The need is to unfold it and identify the great warrior within us, who has the power to go extra miles. Inspired by this, we have chosen the theme of this year’s NCTA conference 2017 as “Unleash Your Potential”.

This theme underscores the very belief TA advocates. Every person has the capacity to evolve, grow, develop and achieve the fullest possible to a human being. The principal areas are psychological health, emotional well being, effectiveness in work, professional practice and in business.

TA is a transformational theory for personal change. The institutes and workshops being held during the conference are structured to present how TA fits with what the theme advocates.

Structure and Contents

The five day conference is divided into two parts. The Pre-Conference and Conference proper. The Pre-Conference will last two days and the conference will span over three days.

During the Pre-Conference there will be an opportunity for new comers to attend a two day Certified TA Foundation Course. For others there will be workshops to present many topics linked to TA. During the conference itself there will be four simultaneously running workshops in four principal fields.
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• TA Foundation Course
• Workshops


Workshops in four areas of specialisations
Clinical - Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Health and Wellness
Organisational - Management, Professional, Training, Consultancy
Individuals as persons - Individual, Family, Relationships, Occupation, Performance.
Educational - Problems and difficulties faced by Educators, Coordinators, Teachers and Principals.
The presenters are specialists from fields of TA, Neuroscience, Hypnotherapy, REBT, MBTI, NLP, Triology, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling.