Speakers at NCTA 2017
Sasi Chandra KA Sebastian Pearl Drego Fr. Ephraem SJ A Sebastian Muthia Ramanathan S. Siddharthan
Name: Sasi Chandra
Profile : Founder Director of Nitya Gurukula in Coimbatore
Educational Qualifications: TSTA{Educational and Counselling}
Title of the workshop : Relinquishing Victimhood for unleashing Holistic Power within& without.
Synopsis: Purpose of the Workshop is to facilitate participants to connect with and unleash Holistic Power by relinquishing Victimhood. In this workshop, participants define and describe Holistic Power. Participants name and explain their experience of unique patterns of Victimhood in self and others. Participants state connections between Victimhood and Holistic Power and Participants discuss two strategies they would use to unleash their Holistic Power.
Name: KA Sebastian
Profile : K A Sebastian,retired fromFederal Bank Ltd. as Chief Manager was serving as Zone HR Head, HR Development Head of the Bank and Head of Faculty of Bank’s Training College.
He is author of three Self Help books. He is President of Institute of Counselling and Transactional Analysis, Kochi. He is a Master Transactional Analyst with Organization specialisation.
Educational Qualifications: Master Transactional Analyst with Organization specialisation
Title of the workshop 1 : Transactional Analysis for better EQ
Synopsis: Emotional Intelligence or EQ is the latest theory that got momentum in training. Ever since the invention of MRI scans a plethora of information on human brain is pouring in. Daniel Golman introduced the concept of Emotional Intelligence. EI is a different way of looking into our smartness. It includes knowing one’s emotions and managing it better for all areas in which one functions. It also includes recognizing emotions in others and developing social skills. It also includes self-motivation.
Title of the workshop 2 : TA for Assessing Managerial Styles
Synopsis: Management styles depend on the personality style of the manager. A person with a specific psychic structure will have an inclination to move in that direction. Self-awareness will help participants to focus their psychic areas that need to change to imbibe the new competencies.The concept of Ego Gram introduced by Dusay into Transactional Analysis will help to analyse the present psychic make-up of the trainees. This “self-awareness” will help them to focus areas where they need development or change. The participant will find TA a good tool in his carrier advancement.Organisations will find TA an easier tool for training management concepts. Assessment centers will find it easier for placement, promotion etc.Come and explore!
Name: Pearl Drego
Profile : Pearl Drego is Founder Director of Transactional Analytic Centre for Education, Research and Training in New Delhi. She is author of several books like Illumined Child and Talk to me Mom and Dad. In 1993 she was presented with the prestigious Hedges Capers Humanitarian Award of ITAA and in 2004 she was awarded the Eric Berne Memorial Award from ITAA.
Educational Qualifications: TSTA{ Psychotherapy} PHD {Sociology}
Title of the workshop 1: Script and Permissions.
Synopsis: Life-script is a core aspect of Transactional Analysis. Participants will learn ways of discovering the elements of their life-script, namely injuctions, counter-injunctions and negative life-patterns. They will then learn how to make new decisions and receive permissions to make changes for healthy, happy outcomes.
Title of the workshop 2: Counselling Skills
Synopsis: The workshop will present the dimensions of counselling, analysis of the relationship between counsellor and counselee, preventive measures to avoid human problems, contractual methods for personal change, methods of outreach,and practical demonstration of counselling communication.
Name: Fr. Ephraem SJ
Profile : Director of Shanthigram at Kochi.
Title   of   the workshop   1: Self Esteem and interpersonal relationship
Synopsis: Born as princes and princesses, our upbringing often turns us into frogs. This workshop enables participants to reverse this process and to image their self image for increased personal effectiveness and relationships.
Title   of   the workshop   2: AMR..Awareness Meditative Relaxation
Synopsis: AMR is a powerful and unique tool for inner healing and well being. AMR integrates the healing wisdom of the East and West.
Name: A Sebastian
Profile : He is Master Transactional Analyst.
Educational Qualifications: Master Transactional Analyst
Title of the workshop 1: Enneagram
Synopsis: The Enneagram philosophy pictures human mind as 9 faceted precious stone. Enneagram is geometric figure that delineates the 9 basic personality types of human nature and their complex relationship. It describes the phychological addiction, limitation, dysfunctional behaviours and core sins. Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding character and communication style. The participant with their self knowledge can identify what is missing , where you are incomplete.
Title of the workshop 2 : Personality Adaptations
Synopsis: The model of Personality Adaptation offers a way of understanding people in ways of 6 personality types. In this workshop participant can learn how to diagnose personality adaptations rapidly and accurately after only a few minutes of interaction and without need of history taking. This method is by observing certain behavioral distinctive clues known as driver behavior.
Name: Muthia Ramanathan
Profile : Director, Mind Dynamics Center,President , Hypnotique Circle, Chennai, Secretary,NLP and TA Circle, Chennai, Trustee of Madras Psychology Society, Advisor, Association of Indian Psychologists.
Educational Qualifications: NLP
Title of the workshop 1: Four Ways to transform frog into Prince or princess
Synopsis: A comparative study of Hypno Analysis, Psycho Analysis, Transactional Analysis & Neuro Linguistic Programming
Name: Prof. (Dr) S. Siddharthan
Profile : Director, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Therapeutic Psychology. He is a Therapeutic Psychologist and Trainer.
Educational Qualifications: DE; D.Tech; MTA; MA; M.Phil; PhD
Title of the workshop 1: TRIOLOGY
Synopsis: Triology is a concept coined by Fr George Kandathil, aims at the universal connectedness through Love. Triology expains 3 basic urges in human being such as urge to Relate, urge to Affirm and urge to Develop. The main purpose of the development of Trilogy theory is to identify that God leads to developent. This God lies within the person, embrasing the concept Aham Brahmasmi. Triology gives a path for curing the inner unrevealed intense negative emotions.
Title of the workshop 2: Phycho Selfie
Synopsis: If you hate being advised and do not know what to do, when it comes to mending your ways for the better, this self therapy workshop could perhaps be the one you were waiting for.