Who will benefit and how

What to look for

There are eight essential sectors of life. They are: self; family and friends; wealth, prosperity and possessions; esteem, recognition and position; health and well being; travel, touring and entertainment; happiness and joy as endowments; esteem for self image, self worth, dignity and recognition. TA gets its practitioners to make achievements in all these areas.

We are all individuals. TA is a theory that gets people as individuals, as couples in matrimony, as members of families, as neighbours in societies, as members of religious and social groups, as employees, team mates, managers and business heads, as professionals consultants teachers and professors, as therapists and counsellors all and many more to perform their lives successfully and in rewarding manner. The beneficiaries in the main are individuals, students, parents, couples, managers, business owners, stock traders, anyone involved in skilled and stressful work or activity, doctors, therapists, counsellors, social workers, care givers. In addition to these are clinical practitioners such as psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, hypno-therapists, counsellors, care givers, and social workers to treat patients suffering from mental, emotional, behavioural and adjustment problems.

What does TA Offer

  • It empowers people to assume responsibility for their own needs and wants;
  • It provides individuals to realise that they are gifted to get what they want out of their lives.
  • It helps people to end situations, solve problems, overcome difficulties and resolve challenges and conflicts.
  • It helps understand practitioners to enjoy excellent relationships as persons, as couple, as family, as teams and groups, as professionals, consultants and other specialists.
  • It helps people to discard unproductive ways of thinking, feeling, doing, performing, behaving, interacting, communicating in healthy empowering ways.
  • It helps professionals to work in a methodical and structured way upholding esteem in self and in others.
  • It enhances self awareness and thereby ups the level of consciousness.
  • It helps parents to understand and deal with children effectively.
  • It helps teachers to integrate students into the learning process professionally.
  • It helps managers to run teams and groups at peak efficiency and productivity.
  • It helps business owners to make their business grow and make it successful.